The CoffeeCP Module installs like any other WHMCS module.

  1. Download the module and unzip to your desktop.
  2. If your WHMCS is <= PHP 5.4, select the PHP-5.4 folder.
  3. If your WHMCS is >= PHP 5.6, select the PHP-5.6 folder.
  4. Add your license key to the license.txt file.
  5. FTP the module to your WHMCS/modules/addons directory.
  6. From within WHMCS, go to Settings > Addon Modules
  7. Select CoffeeCP from the drop down.
  8. Under Addon Modules, click the "Activate Button" for CoffeeCP
  9. Select the support groups which will have access to the module.
  10. The module will now appear under Addons > CoffeeCP

If you need assistance, create a support ticket and we are here to assist.
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