Webmin Quick Start

Extract zip file, add license key, and upload the module:

  • Save the download to your desktop and extract it.
  • Open the license.txt file and paste the license key provided in your welcome email.
  • FTP the coffeecp-cpanel (for cPanel only) or coffeecp (for Unlmited) folder to your whmcs/modules/adddons directory.

Activate the CoffeeCP Add-On Module

1. In WHMCS, go to Setup > Addon Modules:




2. Click the Activate button for CoffeeCP Webmin or CoffeeCP Unlimited:




3. Click on Configure and grant access on the module to whichever group(s) you wish to:


If you recieve an ioncube error, check that your ioncube version is up to date.

Up Next: Using Gogs and Git

Using CoffeeCP Gogs and Git