Install via GIT

Git offers you the ability to clone our module repositories to your own Git, as well as an installation path.

In general, we recommend using the CoffeeCP Webmin Scripts for insuring the quickest installation.

You can still via our Git repositories using one of two methods below.

Method 1: Command Line

To install via GIT, use the form below.

git clone https://<username>:<password><Type>/<server>.git

So, for WildFly, as user foo with bassword bar

git clone

Note: you can create SSH keys and use these as well.


Method 2: Direct Download

To install via direct download:

1. Log into

2. Navigate to the desited module

3. Select download as zip or download as tar.gz

4. Place the zip file and prepare the module:

unzip -q

mv tomcat-master tomcat

tar p-cvzf tomcat.wbm.gz tomcat/

5. Go to Webmin > Configuration > Modules

6. Install the module and go to Servers > <Module Name> to complete installation using the GUI.




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