Virtualmin User Directory

Directory Layout for Virtualmin Users

The directory structure for end users is composed of two parts.

The structure is intended to provide users with isolation along with control of their java server files.


Part One: User Home Directory

Below is the home directory structure for Virtualmin users. No modification is made aside from a symlink to the user's java instance.

  • username/
    • symlink to <java server>
    File/Folder Purpose
    symlink to <java server> On provisioning a symlink is created to the user's java instance (see below)


    Part Two: User Instance Directory

    All user instances are located under /opt/instances.

    • /opt/instancesMain Instance Directory
      • user_id1User One Directory
        • server homeJava Server Home
      • user_id2User Two Directory
        • server homeJava Server Home
      • user_id3User Three Directory
        • server homeJava Server Home
      • etc, etc,...etc, etc,...



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