NGASI Automatic Migration

Migrating to CoffeeCP

The preferred method for migrating from NGASI to CoffeeCP is using our automatic migration script via WHMCS.

When enabling CoffeeCP on a cPanel server, you will be presented with the option to do so if NGASI is detected.

The automatic migration will install CoffeeCP and prepare it for use in place of NGASI.

You will be able to check accounts to verify prior to removing NGASI.

Be sure that ioncube is enabled on server prior to migrating.

If not, you can install via:

/scripts/phpextensionmgr install IonCubeLoader


The Migration Tool will output information to WHMCS so you can see if operations complete.

If you have any issues, simply create a support ticket and we are here to assist.


The CoffeeCP Migration function will not remove or alter NGASI. If you encounter any issues, they can be addressed step-by-step without impairing NGASI or disrupting operations. Only once you have completed checking the installation do you run our NGASI Removal Script.

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