Migration FAQ

Migrating from NGASI to CoffeeCP Frequently Asked Questions.

Migration Options
  • What migration options are available?
    There are 3 migration options available:
    • Automatic Migration: An automatic migration can be peformned when installing CoffeeCP
    • Manual Migration: Allows you to download the Migration scripts and perform the migration directly on the server.
    • Professional Services: We also offer a migration service in addition to above.
  • Will the migration remove NGASI?
    No. The migration script installs CoffeeCP as well as copying a number of configuration files from NGASI. It does NOT uninstall NGASI. Once you have completed testing on migration you remove NGASI using our NGASI removal script.
Rolling Back
  • My migration failed, how do I roll it back?
    Download the CoffeCP removal scrip and run it on the server.
  • Do I need to uninstall anything?
    No. CoffeeCP consists entirely of flat files (JSON and PHP). It does not use rpms or apt or install any packages on your server.
Successful Migration
  • How do I confirm the migration is successful?
    You should log in as an end user and test each mod via cPanel to be sure of proper functioning.
  • How do I remove NGASI?
    You can use our NGASI removal script or download the script and remove it manually.
  • Can I leave NGASI on my server?
    If you wish to leave NGASI in place, you may do so. However, you should shut down NGASI (/etc/init.d/ngasi stop) as well as remove it from your chkconfig (chkconfig ngasi off).